You can subscribe to our calendar from your personal calendar provided that it is ical compatible. Google calendar or Apple's calendar, for example. There are two ways to do this.

Generate and use your own custom link

Navigate to our menu home-->events-->Calendar,ICal export

Uncheck the all categories and/or All Years checkboxs.

Check the desired categories and/or desired years

Choose your actions:

Recommended: generate the google calendar link. Whether you have a google calendar or not to obtain the url link you need to add to your ical compatible calendar

Alternately, you can download a ical file. However that is our calendar at the point in time you generate the download. By creating a dynamic ical subscription using the recommended method (or by using one of our predefined links displayed below) your calendar will be periodically synchronized automatically. It is up to you and in your control to specify what notifications your linked calendar will trigger for delivery to you.


Use one of the below predefined links

Pick one of iCalendar address links displayed to this calendar from elsewhere, e.g., your Google calendar or Apple's calendar: Click the link to subscribe using your desktop calendar - e.g., Apple Calendar or iCal.

To subscribe from Google, right-click a link displayed below and select "Copy Link Address", or "Copy Shortcut". Then choose My Calendars-->Create New Calendar  and paste that link in the calendar name field.

This will link all rehearsals, other events, and concerts