We can present programming for

  • Christmas
  • Graduation Ceremony (high school, college)
  • Oktoberfest Party
  • Fund Raising Concert (ex. Music of Masonic Composers, general pops style program)
  • Summer "Concert in the Part"
  • Formal Pops style concert

Our band plays across the spectrum of wind band repertoire including marches, show tunes, traditional chestnuts, movie themes, and children friendly pieces.

We depend upon our various concert program activities for fund acquisiiton of new music, rehearsal space, and other annual costs necessary for our organization to function. Band members receive no compensation, pay dues, and donate their time and talent in the pursuit of self-improvement and giving back to the community.

Please contact us via email if you have interest in hiring the band. You will get a great concert program and support local art programs in the community. We are recognized by the I.R.S. as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Why hire us?

  • Approaching forty years in operation, we have performed a wide variety of concerts ranging from summer concerts to college graduations and formal fund raising pops style events. We have a valuable and extensive library of music in our library and enthusastically use concert funding as a source to expand our collection for your event benefit.

  • We have been long praised for our performances. While band members receive no compensation we do engage a highly experienced and dedicated conductor with proven ability to teach and lead musicians as well as concert venue programming.

  • Our members live and work in the cities and towns in which we perform. We are proud of our many years of operation in which we can deliver high quality performance while at the same time provide a venue for musicians who want to play the opportunity to do so. We do not exclude membership in our band by audition or closed sections.