The Southeastern Massachusetts Community Concert Band is for musicians of all ages and musical abilities. We are welcome players with experience at intermediate or advanced high school level who desire to enhance or rekindle their concert band experience.

Whether you are playing in a school band (and it's just not enough) or your instrument has been sitting in your closet we extend an invitation to play with us --- someplace where the goal is to have fun playing.

The Southeastern Massachusetts Community Concert Band is a true community group. We have members ranging in age from junior high school into their 70s. And while there's a broad spread in age, we all have one thing in common: we love to play!

We rehearse and play year-round. In the spring and fall, we present sit-down, indoor concerts. During the summer, we play in town parks and commons throughout the MetroWest area and beyond.

Sound like fun? You don't have to audition to play; just bring your instrument and a music stand.  

Instrumentation is concert band / wind ensemble composition. This includes percussion, woodwinds, reeds, brass, and string bass.So whether you play bassoon, tuba, clarinet, piccolo or something in between, come to a rehearsal and give us a try!

If you'd like to know more about the band, just give us a call!

 Contact information  
Dick Heiman
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Phone: 508-877-0635

What does it mean to join?

We have a no audition and no challenges for seat positions policy. Dues contribution is $60/year. We ultimately hope we are enabled to revert back to our traditional no dues status when Cultural Council funding and independent concert sources restore to previous levels. You may wonder what it means when you join our band. Simply put, you are committing to performances, rehearsals, continuity. etc. We are not asking 100% attendance, but we are talking dependability. In order to function successfully and live up to our own standards, we need to be able to count on each and every member. Member responsibility includes:

  • Notify the personnel manager or musical director ASAP when you know you cannot make a performance. We need to know as far in advance as possible in case we have to find a substitute.

  • We ask that you attend rehearsals on a regular basis. If you need to miss more than one or two rehearsals per month, you may hamper our ability to present a concert properly. It is the coductor's decision to request that you sit out a concert performance when too many or critical rehearsals are missed.

  • Everyone is expected to maintain their music folder and practice. It is your responsibility to ensure you folder has ALL the music we are playing in it. We do not issue originals; Your (or somebody in your section) must make rehearsal copies of the original. That way you can mark them up (use yellow highlighter, pen, heavy-handed notation, or any other activity that would destroy an original part) and spill coffee or other beverage on it to your hearts content. However if you expect to miss rehearsal or especially a concert, make sure your parts are covered and if necessary arrange for you folder to be loaned to a covering musician.

As with most volunteer organizations, it is not always easy to get volunteers for various jobs. Each band member is expected to help out a bit during the year. There are more involved activities such as coordinating and booking concerts as well as smaller jobs. We do expect all members to be help by selling concert tickets and solicit business ads in concert programs. 

One thing you can probably guess is that we are in a never ending search for new funding sources. Many times, our new leads come from new members. Likewise, we are always looking for new opportunities to perform. Please let us know if you have any ideas for fund-raising or any leads on a possible performance. 

If you decide that you would rather not join the band, or decide to move on after having been a regular member, please let us know so that we will not keep you on our roster. 

Finally, we wear one of two uniforms to our performances. For summer, or light concerts, we wear our black pants and the SMCCB (or white polo style) shirts. For our serious (more formal) concerts, a tuxedo (or plain black suit) with black bow tie, black socks and shoes for men. The women wear long black skirts (or black dressy pants) with a black blouse (no excessive frilly or sequined adornments).